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SeaHorse Eco Safaris is situated in the coastal town of Vleesbaai, Garden Route, South Africa. We offer locals and international tourists a unique adventurous but educational horseback safari experience.

The scenic beauty of the area in which the trails are done, makes for some of the most beautiful horse riding trails in the country.

Large mobile dunes along the north side of Visbaai, offer an excellent terrain for horses to trot and canter through deep sand, while enjoying excellent views of the unspoilt bay.

Before one gets onto the dunes, some rides take one through patches of pristine coastal thicket vegetation and remnant patches of the rare Renosterveld vegetation type.

There is a great variety of different rides available, a lot of them along the coast, some on the beach, some through wild farm land and gorges and even up the great Gourits River…

The owner, Cornelia Kruger has been working with horses for over 20 years.

Horses are her passion and she enjoys sharing magical experiences with these majestic animals. SeaHorse Eco Safaris has been in existence since 2010.


About Us